Professional Corporate Consultants is a full service project consulting firm with a reputation for delivering customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of public and private sectors’. Our customized approach to providing a catered consulting solution brings impactful and sustained results for our clients. 


Break away from traditional ways of thinking and using change to your advantage​


Established Companies seeking agility to remain competitive in the digital age


Improve Productivity and while Maintaining an Edge

Why Work with Us?

PCorpC experts always displays the level of integrity and professionalism
We don't just identify problems; we offer real sustainable solutions that can be applied to solve complete challenges.
We have over 75 years of collective experience.
PCorpC offers cost effective solutions customs tailored to your need and budget



  • PCorpC experts always displays a level of integrity and professionalism
  • We don’t just identify problems; we offer real sustainable solutions that can be applied to solve complex challenges.
  • We have over 90 years of collective experience
  • PCorpC offers cost effective solutions custom tailored to your need and budget.



Customer Testimonials

I have so many wonderful things to say about this company. PCorpC is not your average company. They really go above and beyond to help find the right fit for you. I was blessed to have been partnered with a phenomenal organization. The team sent me in for an interview and that same day I received a job offer; literally within 2 hours. It was supposed to be on a project for 6 months, but I did so well that the company kept me and hired me on full time. I am now traveling across the U.S. and could not be happier. Thank you.
Contingent associate
I was looking for a short-term project to help me bridge employment until a job I had landed started. I had a month of free time. PCorpC immediately found an accounting project for me and the best part of it all, the pay was outstanding. I highly recommend PCorpC for all employment needs, whether short or permanent. The staff is on top of things and the customer service is unparalleled to any other employment service I have ever used.
Contingent Associate
Professional Corporate Consultants is such a great organization! I've worked for them for almost a year, they helped me to start my career by placing me in a company that shares their values. As a recent college graduate I was nervous about starting my career but luckily I found PCorpC who took a chance on me and placed me in a company that has diversity, amazing culture, good communication, and great leaders that will train and challenge you to grow and help you to gain experience. I love working for PCorpC because they too care about their employees, work with you and answer all of your questions for you to be successful in your work environment.
Contingent Associate
PCorpC helped me find a job right away. I interviewed on a Thursday afternoon and I was already working by Monday morning. Now that’s delivery! The team was very helpful and expedited all the paperwork to make it possible.
Contigent Associate
I am genuinely lucky to have come across PCorpC and their devoted team, for matching me with a great organization. PCorpC really does prioritize on matching top talent with companies on a personal level. A major part of their success is that they link people and organizations with similar values and work ethics.
Contigent Associate
I would not be where I am today in my career path if it were not for PCorpC. They helped me find a job paying way more than I could ever expect straight out of college. My family is very proud of me and I feel very proud.
Contingent Associate
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