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“ of people trust a recommendation from a peer.” -Nielsen research

Unbiased, third party analysts exist to provide their opinion (and charge heavily for doing so). But, surprisingly, a recent survey has proven that their content is less effective than the “voice of the customer.”

I have so many wonderful things to say about this company. PCorpC is not your average organization. They really go above and beyond to help find the right fit for you. I was blessed to have been partnered with a phenomenal organization. Aileen sent me in for an interview and that same day I received a job offer; literally within 2 hours. It was supposed to be a project for 6 months, but I did so well that the company kept me and hired me on full time. I am now traveling across the U.S. and could not be happier.

Thank you.


Trust & Credibility

Authentic testimonials do better

Professional Corporate Consultants is such a great organization! I’ve worked for them for almost a year, they helped me to start my career by placing me in a company that shares their values. As a recent college graduate, I was nervous about starting my career but luckily I found PCorpC who took a chance on me and placed me in a company that has diversity, amazing culture, good communication, and great leaders that will train and challenge you to grow and help you to gain experience. I love working for PCorpC because they too care about their employees, work with you and answer all your questions for you to be successful in your work environment. 

-Isabel Garcia


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Trust & Credibility

Authentic testimonials do better

My experience with Professional Corporate Consultants was exceptional. They are the best firm. I had some troubles upon my hire on and the team worked consistently with me to get everything resolved with client. I was fortunate enough to have these mentors who care and guide you through the process. A few of my colleagues and I had the pleasure of having lunch with PCorpC team which tied in with the news that we had all had our contracts extended. Best News Ever as it allowed for more learning and growth. My time at PCorpC is something I’ll cherish forever simply because it was my first corporate job. It would have not been possible without PCORPC. Thank you!

Marco Herrera

I was referred to Professional Corporate Consultant Inc. by a friend back in March.  My contact was amazing and extremely helpful. Right away she made sure she knew everything I was looking for and what my goals were. Within a few days she already had a proposition for me. She helped me get ready for my interview and made sure to go over all the details for me to excel. 

By April 3rd, I was gainfully employed and all thanks to Professional Corporate Consultants Inc. I’m very happy with my new position and was well compensated.  I will go back to them if I decide to change career paths again.  



I would like to express my gratitude to PCorpC for believing in me. I am a new grad and finding a job was not easy; everyone wanted experience. PCorpC helped me get a project right away and within 2 months, I was hired on full time. I am very grateful for the opportunity. I always send them referrals because they are an organization I trust.


I am genuinely lucky to have come across Professional Corporate Consultant Inc. and their devoted team, for matching me with a great organization. PCorpC really does prioritize on matching top talent with companies on a personal level. A major part of their success is that they link people and organizations with similar values and work ethics. 

Carlos Silva 

I would not be where I am today in my career path if it were not for PCorpC. They helped me find an opportunity paying way more than I could ever expect straight out of college. My family is very proud of me and I feel very proud.

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