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The Drive and Mission Behind PCorpC

"Our drive is to help organizations achieve their goals. Our objective is to enhance the culture in the process"

-Pralad Gydee
Founder and Managing Partner PCorpC Inc.

In today’s economy, organizations must attract, retain, and develop top talent, which requires understanding the workforce’s changing needs and values. At PCorpC, we recognize the importance of connecting with the new wave of constituents, including Gen Z, who are hungry and have a strong work ethic. They are focused on values, community, and making a positive impact.

My Leadership Style

As a leader, I prioritize wisdom as a top value because it enables me to make good decisions and understand the current situation, circumstance, or scenario independent of previous experiences. Empowering and enabling the talent around me is also crucial, which involves delegating tasks and providing autonomy to achieve goals their way. I strongly believe in taking calculated risks and creating an environment that fosters innovation and enhances skills, abilities, and relationships.

As a leader, it’s essential to fully understand the objectives, define the outcome, and select the right team to create a culture of success. Developing and pushing constituents to new levels helps them unleash their potential, while remaining aware of their individual capacity and capability. I also strive to connect on a professional and personal level to nurture their self-esteem, drive, and motivation while remaining cognizant of my influence and presence. Overall, my actions and goals have both immediate and long-term impacts, and my objective is to enhance the culture in the process of helping organizations achieve their goals.

I must empower and enable the talent around me to reach their potential. I must delegate and provide autonomy for my leaders to achieve the assigned goals their way. Many leaders preach about taking risks but then beat their leadership team up when they make mistakes. I must remain vigilant and provide an environment where we can continue to take calculated risks. This will allow for new and innovate approaches that will further enhance our skills, abilities and relationships.

This is possible because as a leader I must fully understand our objectives, define the outcome, select the right team, and create the culture of success. Develop and push my constituents to a new level so that they may unleash their potential. Remaining aware of individual capacity and capability.  I must connect on a professional and personal level to help develop, increase their self-esteem and nurture their drive. While remaining cognizant on my influence and presence . My actions and goals have an immediate and long-term impact.

PCorpC understands companies that have done well have invested in human capital. Our role is to find talented individuals who fit an organization’s culture to their products because, if someone is motivated and good at what they do, the cost saving is measurable.

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” - Peter Drucker


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We are in a unique position, at a unique point where, we have three different generations working simultaneously with very different mind sets that live in a time where organizational structures are evolving rapidly.


We aspire to be a part of something greater than ourselves and positively impact the world. Organizations need to create a positive work environment, establish strong core values, and empower their constituents to enhance their performance and contribute to their success. At the heart of it all, values drive our actions and decisions, but it is essential to recognize that the same values may mean different things to different people. As leaders, we are responsible for communicating the organization’s values while allowing for individual interpretation.


We recognize that every organization is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. The leadership style and characteristics needed may vary depending on the situation and circumstances. It is crucial to have an adaptive approach and be flexible enough to switch styles when necessary. By upholding the laws of the land, fostering a strong organizational culture, and providing effective leadership, the possibilities for success are limitless. As leaders, we remain humble and open-minded, recognizing that we always have room for improvement and learning from those around us.

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